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Wings of Spring - Courtship, Nesting and Fledging:
Photographs by Tom Vezo
Text by Chuck Hagner
Published by Stackpole books

Tom has three books to his credit. His very latest book is called "Wings of Spring - Courtship, Nesting and Fledging" and was released in February, 2006. This is a compilation of 25 years of his work as a wildlife photographer.

Wings of Spring won the National Outdoor Book Award for 2006 in the category of Design and Artistic Merit. Here's what they had to say, "Wings of Spring represents some of the finest photography of birds ever published: a Great Egret tossing a stream of brightly lit water droplets, a Wilson's Snipe standing on one leg forlorn in a June snowfall, a Western Screech Owl dangling a lizard from it's beak.

"One is amazed at the days and countless hours photographer Tom Vezo spent patiently waiting for these moments that he has so elegantly captured. Complimenting Vezo's photography is a comfortable and inviting design, and just the right amount of text to make the book useful as a bird guide as well as a work of artistry".

This book portrays in words and pictures the age-old instinct of spring breeding; how birds migrate to their nesting grounds, select a mate, establish a nest site and raise their young. Many species from around the world are represented, with over 200 photos, revealing the secret lives of songbirds, owls, shorebirds and raptors.

The book takes a definitive look into their courtship displays, their nesting techniques, the nurturing of their young, and their struggle for survival... a wealth of information about a fascinating aspect of nature.

This hard cover coffee table book was written by Chuck Hagner, editor of Birder's World magazine, and was published by Stackpole Books.

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Birds of Prey in the American West
Photographs by Tom Vezo
Text by Richard Glinski
Published by Rio Nuevo Publishers

Tom's second book is called "Birds of Prey in the American West", published by Rio Nuevo Publishers in Tucson, Arizona and was written by raptor expert Rich Glinski. This book won an award in the category of "Art" through the Mountains and Plains Booksellers Association, which is comprised of 250 member bookstores in 13 western states.

The American West boasts the greatest variety of birds of prey in North America. In Birds of Prey in the American West, acclaimed photographer Tom Vezo and raptor expert Rich Glinski celebrate the power and majesty of these remarkable creatures and includes several that have been brought back from the brink of extinction and others that continue to be threatened by loss of fragile habitat.

Vezo's extraordinary photographs and Glinski's authoritative text depict and describe more than 35 species of eagles, hawks, falcons, vultures, and owls indigenous to the West. They also share their personal experiences searching for these captivating birds in the wild, and include a recommended list of prime birding locations in parks and wildlife refuges.

The book consists of 128 pages with more than 80 photographs and is 9 x 9.75 inches.

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Wings in the Wild:
Habits and Habitats of North American Birds
Photographs by Tom Vezo
Text by Paul Kerlinger
Published by Stackpole Books

I've spent more than 16 years birding and photographing and was always curious about bird behavior and wanted to learn more about how these beautiful animals live. This what prompted my idea for this book. Many times while I'm out taking pictures of a bird, I wonder why it's acting in a certain way, or what it eats, or where it migrates Although many questions still remain unanswered in the avian world, this intrigues me. So I thought a book that featured information about the behavior of the birds I have photographed through the years would make a worthwhile project.

Wings in the Wild: Habits and Habitats of North American Birds is a coffee table book 10.5 x 10 inches consisting of 144 pages with 190 stunning photographs published by Stackpole Books. It's written by Paul Kerlinger, former director of Cape May Bird Observatory New Jersey. He is the author of How Birds Migrate and coauthor of New Jersey at the Crossroads of Migration. He has studied birds all his life and has a wealth of about how and where birds live.

Below are some reviews of the "Wings in the Wild."

"Tom Vezo has it all: an artist's eye for composition, superb photographic technique, and an ability to convey the true essence of a bird on film. This outstanding collection sets him apart as one of the top nature photographers of today. The exquisite photos and well-chosen words will lead to a deeper understanding of birds and their habits." Don and Lillian Stokes, Authors of Stokes Field Guides, Hosts of "Stokes Birds at Home"

"Any time you conjoin the talented likes of photographer Tom Vezo and scientist Paul Kerlinger the result must border on magic. Wings in the Wild is as much a treat for the mind as the eye; every turn of the page is an adventure as exciting as birding itself." Pete Dunne Vice President, New Jersey Audubon